ontherunaround: (Hammertime!)
ontherunaround ([personal profile] ontherunaround) wrote2010-03-06 11:39 am

Tickets Amsterdam Flight of the Conchords

I totally didn't expect that there would be such a rush on these (as FOTC wasn't broadcasted here), but I think they sold out in less then half an hour this morning. And I was too late. I can slap myself. Should've known better than to underestimate the power of Boom Kings!

If I can only have half a chance to hear the Bus Driver's Song performed life again, I'll lead a fulfilled and productive life and, after growing old, can die happily. If not, I'll have to take matters in my own hands and move to New Zealand after all - if not for seeing a show then for having a real Tony telling me about a Giant Sock or such thing - and my family and SO will cry. I hate it when they cry.

So, whoever can hook me up with anyone who has any tickets to any of the Amsterdam shows for sale for a reasonable price... will have my eternal gratitude and will save my family a lot of grief. Thank you!